How Our Wellington Roofing Experts Deliver Top-Notch Re-Roofing Solutions

When you need re-roofing in Wellington, you want to make sure you’re going with the right company for the job. It’s an investment in the future of your home, so it’s vital to find the right roofing company.

We’re throwing our hats in the ring! With a team of experienced roofers on staff and a reliable, industry-tested re-roofing process, we can provide the right services for you. In this blog post, take a tour through the Paul Milne re-roofing process, discover why consultations are a vital step in our process, and explore how we consistently deliver excellent re-roofing work in Wellington.

Consultation: When Re-Roofing is the Right Choice for You

First, the step that separates great roofing companies from sub-par companies is the consultation step. In our experience, 9 out of 10 roofing jobs come down to a high-quality repair rather than an entire re-roof, so an accurate assessment has the potential to save you thousands of dollars.

As part of our initial consultation, we talk through your goals and concerns. Our expert re-roofers will assess your unique circumstances and give you our recommendations. In other words, we’ll help you determine if a re-roof is the best option for you, your home, and your wallet before we get started.

As Wellington’s peace of mind roofers, we feel this is what sets us apart and allows our loyal customer base to trust us with their homes every time.

The Paul Milne Re-Roofing Process

Once we’ve completed your consultation and confirmed that re-roofing is for you, it’s time to get into the work. Here’s a quick rundown of our process for re-roofing in Wellington.

Thorough Roof Assessment

We’ll begin with getting to know your home’s roof so we can make tailored recommendations. Each re-roof is a unique job, and we treat it as such. This will usually include us getting up onto your roof as well as into the crawlspace to check out the interior structure. A visual inspection from the ground level of your flashing, gutters, and other roofing accessories will happen as well.

To keep the work safe, we’ll also make sure to assess your property’s shape for any safety considerations so we know what equipment we need to bring along with our experienced crew.

Durable Material Selection

Once the assessment is complete and we’ve worked with you to confirm a course of action, selecting your material is next. Our roofing team has a wealth of experience working across classic and modern roof types. This means we can guide you through selecting which material is best for your roof shape, size, and weather conditions.

We offer re-roofing in Wellington with a number of materials, including iron, Colorsteel, decramastic, concrete tiling, butynol, and many more.

Safe Work Begins

Our first day on-site will always involve actioning the appropriate safety measures. We’ll talk you through these as part of your consultation so there are no unwelcome surprises when we begin work.

Depending on your property type and roof, we might use standard harnesses, scaffolding, or roof edge protection to keep our crew and your family safe. As work continues, we’ll check in regularly to make sure nothing is too disruptive.

Final Handover

Once the work is complete, we’ll do a final handover, where we will walk you through anything you need to know about your new roof. This might include working with you to create a preventative maintenance plan. 

Ongoing roof maintenance will help your roof last for as long as possible, and this part of the process will help you to show Wellington’s wild weather who’s boss.

Why Work with Paul Milne?

With years of experience and a highly qualified roofing staff on hand, we’re proud to be Wellington’s premier roofers. Here are just some of the benefits of working with us:

·        Upfront and reliable. We carefully assess your needs and make recommendations based on our experience to help you save as much as possible. This includes letting you know when a repair would be better than a full re-roofing job.

·        Experienced and qualified. Our team of re-roofers, coaters, and painters have been on the job for years. We work as a seamless unit, ensuring your job is completed to a high standard.

·        We value specialisation. As the old saying goes, a roofer can’t paint, and a painter can’t re-roof. That’s why we have team members dedicated specifically to re-painting and re-coating your roof once the building is finished.

·        Safety comes first. When working at a height, it’s vital that proper safety procedures are in place. This keeps everyone safe, from the crew to the occupants of the property. At Paul Milne, we work hard to maintain a hazard-free site.

Most importantly, we put our customers first. Our Peace of Mind guarantee ensures your roof will last for ten more years once we’re done with it, if not more. Get in touch with our team to see if re-roofing in Wellington is the right call for you.

Ensure your roof lasts for as long as possible with the experts for re-roofing in Wellington.

Secure the longevity of your roof with our re-roofing expertise – the trusted choice for preserving your property’s value. Reach out for your consultation today.

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