We Are the Re-Roof Experts – Inspecting and Recommending Re-Roofing When Necessary, and Doing It Right the First Time!

A new roof for your home can be transformational – not only for your property but also for you as homeowners. You can’t beat the look of a brand new roof. People will take notice: your neighbours, passers-by, and potential buyers. You might even have to be dragged in at tea time because you just want to see how the changing light is reflected by the modern material and sleek lines! Even more than that though, the feeling of safety and the peace of mind that comes from having a new roof over your head is unbeatable. You might even feel a tingle of excitement when a storm front moves in – now you get to show the extreme weather conditions just who’s boss!

While that’s all well and good, if your roof isn’t performing, re-roofing might not be your only option. At Paul Milne, if we discover that your roof can be repaired to a high standard, we’ll tell you. Integrity, honesty, and trust aren’t words we throw around loosely. These are the values all of us at Paul Milne live by. So when you ask us if you need a new roof, you’ll get our professional and impartial opinion – along with quality service to back it up. Because what’s in your best interest is in ours too.

Paul Milne has a wealth of experience and knowledge of classic and modern roof types, including: iron, Colorsteel, decramastic, concrete tiles, butynol, and many more. The cost of a brand new roof will depend on what product you choose and exactly what needs to be done. But first, let’s find out if we can save you money by repairing your existing roof.

Call Paul Milne Roofing now to gain the power of choice, make the best decision, and have a roof that’s up to the task!

“So, the man said you need a new roof? Call us for a second opinion.”