Harness the power of the sun to generate your homes electricity!

Enjoy energy, generated by a photovoltaic system, which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Solar panels (photovoltaic panels), generate electricity directly from sunlight.  Several of these panels are joined together to provide electricity to run your home. The number of panels required depends on your households needs.

Call Paul Milne to discuss with us your solar needs, we will design a system and install the panels to ensure that you have a system that meets your needs for the future.

We use high quality solar panels and inverters which carry product warranties.

Take control of your electricity, let Paul Milne discuss with you and help you design a solar system that will add value to your home and benefit the environment and your pocket.

How do Photovoltaic Panels work?

Solar cells (also called photovoltaic cells) convert sunlight directly into electricity. Photovoltaic gets its name from the process of converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage).  The photons stimulate and knock the electrons off the atoms which generates an electrical voltage.