Paul Milne Roofing provides comprehensive roofing services for the greater Wellington, Nelson and Marlborough regions – including Asbestos removal and coating, re-roofing, roof restoration, roof painting, leak identification and repair, repairs and roof maintenance, Interior/ Exterior painting, waterproofing, liquid Membrane, Flat roofs, Butynol, Torch on, TCP and much more. We are a comprehensive one stop shop


We pride ourselves on giving our customers roofing solutions, tailored to meet your needs. No matter what your roofing problems, from leaks, painting to pre-sale and pre-purchase inspections, we can help.

At Paul Milne Ltd we seek to extend the life of older roofs by at least ten years and with semi regular inspections and maintenance the life of the roof can be extended well beyond that.

Paul Milne has teams of professional roofers, and also teams of professional roof coaters and painters. Remember this saying, ‘roofers can’t paint and painters can’t roof’ and this will never change. At Paul Milne we make sure that the right people are highly trained in the specialized areas they work in so they each are masters of their work. If one person is doing both jobs such as repairs and painting you need to be very suspicious of the quality and the people that are doing it. At Paul Milne we separate out the specialist trades. This ensures that you get the best quality that we can deliver to you. We stand by our work no matter what. You can be confident that we will be standing beside you for the long haul.

At Paul Milne we are risk adverse and so should you be. Don’t take risks with your most valuable asset. Your roof is arguably the most important part of that asset so let us do what we are expert in, and take care of your roof.

For quality roofing solutions and a service you can count on, contact us today to have your needs taken care of by us.