We Are the Experts Making Spouting Protection Easy for Our Customers, by Cleaning, Leaf Proofing, and Bird Proofing Their Gutters!

For most of us our home is our biggest personal investment, so functional spouting is crucial. It’s wise to keep your rainwater flowing well into the drains to avoid subsidence of your land (especially if you’re on a hill), and help stop your and your neighbours’ sections from becoming waterlogged and flooding. Having to regularly unclog your spouting from leaves and other debris can be a real hassle, and it’s one of those jobs that falls somewhere near the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.

But waiting often leads to further damage, bigger hassles and spending money that could have easily been avoided. Guttering clogged by leaves, or damaged by birds can lead to deteriorating spouting and fascia boards, corrosion, and leaking gutters, which often causes mossy and slippery paths. Even worse, over the years we have seen house foundations slump, and walls and windows damaged. Additionally, birds building nests, leaving droppings, and getting into your roof space is particularly frustrating because it can also harm your roof, block your chimney, create fire hazards, and attract pests like mice and rats. All of this will be written up unfavourably in a builder’s report when it comes time to sell too.

But for Paul Milne, it’s an easy enough fix. We are the experts in installing leaf protection gutter guards, and our bird-proofing techniques are second to none. We can provide neat and tidy solutions to help remove the hassles of maintenance, keep your gutters flowing, and help safeguard your home from birds.

Whether you need your spouting cleaned or repaired because of leaf and bird damage – or just want to prevent it from happening in the first place – then talk to us for advice.

Call Paul Milne Roofing now to find your leaf protection and bird proofing solution!

“So, your spouting is clogged and birds have moved in? Call us for expert leaf and bird proofing.”