How Roof Cleaning Saves You Time and Money

In the pursuit of a longer-lasting roof, regular roof maintenance is incredibly important. As part of properly maintaining your roof, you should be ridding it of debris, lichen, and any other contaminants. But why is this so important? And how can executing this simple task save you so much money?

Let’s take a look.

Your Roof is a Well-Oiled Machine

Your roof is more than what you see on the outside. It’s composed of different pieces that work together to divert water away from your home. Depending on the pitch (slope) and the surrounding weather, your roofing contractor will have implemented different systems to keep water from pooling or puddling. This is because water collecting can cause lichen and mould to grow, as well as rot the timber used in your roof, all of which can negatively impact the structural integrity.

Devices like gutters and flashing—which seals the inside of the roofing system away from the outdoors—are crucial to preventing damage. A dirty, debris-covered roof will compromise these devices, and most likely result in long-term damage.

Why is a Dirty Roof Bad?

Stray leaves and branches on your roof can block drainage through guttering, causing water to pool in vulnerable spots (especially ones that might already be sagging). The impact of pooling water on a roof is severe and widespread when left for long enough. It can potentially cause:

  • Sagging when the water starts to pool through into the roof decking.
  • Mould, timber rot and the spread of lichen. This badly compromises your roof’s integrity, leading to a lot of costly repairs down the line.
  • Rotting shingles or tile, causing leaks. Leaks lead to damp insulation, and the spread of mould throughout your whole home.
  • Cracks in the shingles or tiles caused by expansion and contraction via water absorption.

When we talk about the importance of your roof, we’re not exaggerating. Pushing roof maintenance onto the back burner can cause a whole host of problems, and it’s not very difficult to keep it clean!

How to Keep Your Roof Clean

The best way to keep your roof clean is to get a roofing contractor up there. Don’t hop on a ladder and try to tackle the entire ordeal by yourself, because this can result in some very dangerous falls. As a homeowner, you can do the following things to keep your roof functioning happily:

  • Clean your gutters. Checking your gutters for leaves and other debris that might be clogging it (especially after heavy rain or a storm). A proper gutter cleaning need only be done about once a year.
  • Establish a maintenance schedule. Every roof is different, so get an opinion from your local roofing expert. However, the accepted schedule is anywhere from every 18 months to every 36 months, depending on how vigilant you need to be. In the Wellington weather, we recommend straying toward the 18-month mark.
  • Make sure your roof is protected. Moss and lichen deterrent can be sprayed onto your roof at regular intervals to prevent these damaging plants from growing in any of the nooks and crannies between the shingles.

And finally, make sure that you get a qualified roofing contractor to do an assessment! Power washing your roof can damage it, or even void the warranty. Getting a qualified technician to decide on the best method and execute it for you­ is crucial to keeping your roof (and you) happy for as long as possible.

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