We Are the Roof Renovation Specialist Saving Our Customers $1,000s, by Repairing Their Roof, Instead of Replacing It!

Integrity, honesty, and trust aren’t words we throw around loosely. These are the values all of us at Paul Milne live by. So when you ask us how to best fix your roof, you’ll get our professional and impartial opinion – along with quality service to back it up. Because what’s in your best interest is in ours too.

All roofs deteriorate over time. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend $1,000s on a complete re-roof. Our restoration expertise combines quality repair work with professional coatings. We can extend the life of your old roof for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Instead of needlessly removing and replacing it, we can give your current roof new life. We renovate all roof types, including: corrugated iron, Colorsteel, decramastic, concrete tiles, butynol, flat roofs, internal gutters and many more.

With over 100 years of proven industry experience, and ever-expanding technical knowledge, we’ll know if your roof is restorable – and we’ll tell you. We never make false promises. However, we do promise that you’ll receive the best possible quality and service. Going forward, we’ll always stand by you and our work too.

A roof renovation may be the perfect option for you. But you won’t truly know until you have spoken with us. Call Paul Milne Roofing now to gain the power of choice, save $1,000s of dollars, and extend the life of your roof!

“So, the man said you need a new roof? Call us for a second opinion.”