We Are the Experts Making Interior House Painting Cost-Effective and Easy for Our Customers, by Offering Multiple Services Under One Roof!

The interior of your house is continuously exposed to the wear and tear of everyday life. For most of us, our home is our biggest personal investment, so it’s essential to maintain it well. If you’ve had the builders in to make repairs or alterations, you want the paintwork to bring all the hard work to life too. Professional interior painting by Paul Milne will not only better protect your internal structure, but also rejuvenate the way you experience your living space.

You might have heard an old saying in the trades: “roofers can’t paint, and painters can’t roof”. Well, they mustn’t have worked with Paul Milne! Our talented team includes both specialist painters and roofers who don’t dabble in each other’s areas. We know that painting is a specialised trade for a reason, and to do it well you need knowledge, skill and experience – something that runs deep through our organisation.

Not only that, we offer external house painting and roofing services. We can take care of you from go to woah, doing your painting and roofing simultaneously if you need it. We understand that dealing with lots of different outfits (for example house painters, roofers and scaffolders) can feel a bit like herding cats, and scaffolding is costly. We strive to make the process as easy, seamless, and inexpensive as we can.

We also promise that you’ll receive the best possible quality and service. Painting your house isn’t something you want to repeat sooner than you need to. Going forward, we’ll always stand by you and our work too.

Call Paul Milne now to talk to the interior house painting professionals who know what they are doing, and want to make your life easier!

“So, the man said you need a herd of different contractors? Call us for a second opinion.”