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Asbestos is one of those words that strikes fear into building owners and home owners. Most people know that asbestos is dangerous, yet have so many unanswered questions like when? why? how? who?. Talk with Paul Milne today.

When the fibres of old or damaged asbestos are exposed and lose, it becomes a hazard to human health. The fibres become airborne and float through the air, when you breath in the air you are breathing in the microscopic fibres which become lodged in your lungs by way of little hooks, barbs and needles. When these fibres get into your lungs, your bodies natural response is to try and remove the foreign substance, which it can’t do. However it keeps trying and trying and trying and this becomes the problem, in time it can turn cancerous.

Health issues related to Asbestos may not become apparent or manifest them selves for many years. It can take as long as 15 years to manifest, often longer. Because of this long period and the lack of real understanding of the risks, most people become complacent of the risks and take the “she’ll be right” approach and “it won’t happen to me” attitude or the “hey we can do this no one will know” or “here wear this paper mask LOL you’ll be right”. The one we hear more often than all is from other trades, particularly builders, painters who say “its only a small bit I have worked with it for years without a problem”
The health risks are present all the time, at every point of the asbestos problem. Its like playing Russian roulette if its not dealt with, with care, understanding, knowledge and skill.

Most people think only of the fibres flying in the air from the outside of the structure or roof, however of  greater concern and something that people are not aware of, is the risk of fibres inside the ceiling space or other cavities. The asbestos fibres work there way into the living areas over time and can have a potentially devastating affect on you and your family or your tenants living within the contaminated areas.
Asbestos poses a significant risk to your long term health and that of your family, tenants, and neighbors and the community as a whole.

At Paul Milne we specialise in the repair and removal of asbestos roofs and re-roofing.
We understand the dangers of asbestos, especially in a residential environment. Paul Milne has a wealth of experience and knowledge of classic and modern roof types, including: iron, colorsteel, decramastic, concrete tiles, butynol, and many more.

Asbestos has become a major hurdle in the market when it comes to selling your home.
Asbestos will be written up unfavorably in a builder’s report. Banks may choose not to lend on properties with asbestos. It may also affect your insurance. It will pay to check your insurance policy in the event of fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Replacing your asbestos roof before selling will help you realise your property’s full value, and will make it easier to sell. However this is not your only option
Speak with anyone who has sold a house with asbestos cladding or a roof in the last few years and they will tell you about their experience. A lot of these people will talk about how much in dollar terms they had to discount their property to get the sale or how many potential buyers walked away because of the asbestos problem or how time consuming, and stressful it became with the added negotiations and demands from the buyer, their lawyers and their financiers not to mention the conditioning from your agent who is on your side right? So who are you going to turn to and get the right opinions about the best solution for your situation.
At Paul Milne we understand in depth the selling process and how it works.
Buildings with Asbestos will ultimately mean a financial cost you. So your starting point and your end Point is with Paul Milne. This is where you need to talk with us about your options and how you can save thousands of dollars and keep more dollars in your pocket.
We take asbestos seriously and you should know that the industry has its fair share of scaremongering, cowboys and controversy. At Paul Milne you can be sure you will get an honest opinion and clear facts. We’ll tell you if we think you don’t have to remove it or not. We will tell you if its not a current risk or not to your health and those around you. So before you do anything or not, talk with us at Paul Milne. When you ask us how to best deal with your asbestos or roof you can be sure you’ll get our professional and honest opinion – along with our quality service to back it up. What’s in your best interest is in ours too.

Call Paul Milne now and explore your options. We will provide you with good information. Paul Milne is an excellent company to work with, and has a proven track record and has an excellent reputation. You can rely on us. We are here beside you for the long haul. With Paul Milne working with you, your decision is made with confidence.

“If you’re worried about the asbestos in or on your property? Call us today and let us help you make a smart informed decision.”