Why Is A Roof Inspection Worth It?

Your roof is the most important asset your home has; it’ busy protecting your home from the elements, ensuring all the time and money you’ve put you’re your property doesn’t go to waste. It follows that investing in your roof is important – no matter what your budget, you need to prioritise it appropriately.
New homeowners can find roofing an overwhelming marketplace, as there are a number of choices to make, and materials to choose from. Roofing can be a problem area for those looking to renovate, but will inevitably come up for any homeowner, whether they’re concerned about raising the market value of their home or not.
This is where roof inspections come in. Knowing what work your roof needs done and what your options are can be invaluable. Today, we’re looking into the benefits of a roof inspection, and why it’s a worthwhile investment no matter what your plans for your home are.


Getting an evaluation of your roof’s overall structural integrity and problem areas is worth your time alone. The overwhelming majority of homeowners have very little information about the roofing over their head, and are unsure what problems to look out for, and so may not notice costly leaks developing.
Roofing experts employ a range of procedures to assess your roof. They could use infrared scans, core tests, and many even use drones for aerial photography. This specialist equipment is why it’s best to engage professionals rather than appraise your roof alone – not to mention the falling dangers involved.


The second most common reason homeowners seek out roof inspections is for the quote a professional can give. Having a quote is valuable, because it allows you to budget around it. This is particularly vital for those whose primary source of income is flipping houses by buying them cheap and renovating them. A roof inspector can break down all the work that needs to be done on your roof into separate costs, and make recommendations for which areas to focus on first.

Advice on materials

Finally, materials can be a massive headache for homeowners, as it really does take an expert to know which material will work best for a particular roofing project. Professional inspections work from your architecture, the weather, your budget, and more, making a recommendation that can help make a difficult choice much easier.

Save later by getting an inspection now

When it comes to roof repairs and restorations, getting an inspection can save you from being caught out by sudden expenses later. Here at Paul Milne Roofing, we know that the best way for you to cut costs on your roofing is to avoid complete replacements by acting early. Arrange a roof inspection through our website, or by calling 021 205 1586. In the meantime, you can download our roofing leak checklist here:

Why Is A Roof Inspection Worth It?