Is it Worth Replacing Your Leaky Roofing?

Replacing a roof entirely is an expensive job, and understandably one that many homeowners would prefer to put off as long as possible. Surprisingly, not every homeowner is even aware that partial repairs are an option for them – they’re more likely to assume an entirely new roof is their only recourse to fix a leak. In this blog, we look at the best course of action for dealing with deteriorating roofing.

Don’t do it yourself

Knowing the extent of the fix at a glance isn’t easy – at the very least it requires walking your roof to check the flashing, seams, etc. This is best left to professionals, both due to the potential danger, and also the possibility of accidentally making any existing damage worse. If the damage is found to be minimal, there’s a good chance the lifetime of the roof isn’t over, and restoration will be able to provide a solution short of total re-roofing.

Compare the costs

Not everyone can afford to replace their roof on short notice, and repairs are a good way to avoid these sudden costs. It’s worth discussing your options with a professional either way - if the problem is severe enough, it’s possible that you may need follow-up repairs that will surpass the costs of re-roofing if problems persist. In either case, a professional roofer can assess which option is better for you in your present situation, and be able to advise you on the smartest option moving forward.

Call the right roofing company

Many roofing companies don’t actually offer repairs as a service; they’re only equipped for full re-roofing. This may be why so many consumers aren’t aware of their options, and can deter some from reaching out to a specialist to assess the situation due to the expensive cost of full replacement.
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Is it Worth Replacing Your Leaky Roofing?